Prevention is always better than cure and we believe that herd health monitoring and planning should be an on-going process, rather than a once-a-year task. We work closely with the George Veterinary Group and other veterinary specialists, including Dr Nick Bell, Professor Andrew Bradley and Sara Pederson, to ensure we remain at the forefront of disease control. Both the AHDB Mastitis Control Plan and the Healthy Feet Programme are in place on our farm, and we are actively participating in the BVDFree England and National Johne's Management Plan schemes. 

We are very aware of the need to use antimicrobials responsibly and minimise disease, and our use of antibiotics, by optimising nutrition, housing and management, in combination with vaccination programmes. We are also very aware of the need for responsible use of anthelminthics, both from a resistance and environmental point of view, and only use them when absolutely necessary.