Farmers are custodians of the countryside, looking after it from one generation to the next. We are conscious that our actions hugely impact the environment and feel strongly that it is our responsibility to ensure that this impact is positive, and not negative, for the sake of future generations.


We have already taken several steps to ensure our business is sustainable, including:

- Optimising soil management to optimise soil health and preserve our land for the future.

- Adopting Integrated Pest Management to reduce our reliance on pesticides.

- Maximising the nutrient value of our farm yard manure and slurry and applying them effectively to minimise our reliance on purchased inorganic artificial fertiliser. 

- Reducing waste and reusing/recycling wherever possible.

- Optimising animal health and welfare to maximise productivitiy and feed conversion efficiency, and to minimise mortality.

- Maximising the amoung of home-grown feeds fed to our cattle.

- Reducing our energy consumption from non-renewable energy sources and using renewable energy sources wherever possible.

- Using water efficienctly by reducing our mains water usage and reusing/recycling water wherever possible

We feel privileged to farm a large area of land within an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), part of which is a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). Farming this area gives us the opportunity to protect flora and fauna on the list of UK BAP priority species, including: wild orchids, adonis blue butterflies, corn buntings and brown hares.


We are curently working closely with Simon Smart, a conservationist who specialises in enhancing farmed environments and helps farmers to integrate envirnomental measures and wildlife habitats within their farm businesses, supporting sustainable farming and food production.

We are members of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) and are very proud to be LEAF Marque certified. We are currently working closely with LEAF as one of their 'Resilient and Ready' farms and hope to become a LEAF demonstration farm in the future, which will enable us to lead by example and help other farms on their journey to becoming more sustainable.